The company is running Dwarikesh Agriculture Research Institute in Dwarikeshnagar where high quality sugarcane is grown and research is conducted on it. Objective of the institute is to develop high-quality, high-yielding, insect free and sugar-rich cane and then to distribute its seeds among the local farmers. The research institute has around 28 acres of land under its belt to conduct its research work and farming. DSIL has also planted more than 25,000 trees in the Dwarikeshnagar area and has undertaken a forestation program at the Dwarikeshpuram an Dwarikeshdham locations as well.

The factory farm is engaged in collection, maintenance, evaluation and documentation of sugarcane germplasm under sub-tropical conditions. It is also engaged in development of sugarcane breeding stocks for high sugar production. Genetic evaluation of sugarcane genotypes and crosses for their suitability under late-planted conditions also take place at our farms. 

Some other activities include development of sugarcane varieties for moisture deficit environment and for sub-tropics, and identification of biochemical and molecular markers for different traits in sugarcane. 

The institute also organises camps for farmers in the area where they are apprised of latest research work and are distributed free high quality cane seeds. The institute is also endeavouring to create awareness among the farming community regarding use of technology, ways to save their crop from insects and diseases, better ways of storage and transportation etc.

The company is undertaking extensive cane development on a large scale in all of its unit. The company is providing cane seeds on subsidy as well as distributing fertilizers and pesticides at subsidized rate. A team of experts are visiting in the cane area and advising/ encouraging the farmers to grow more cane.