Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Limited set up a 30 KLPD distillery to manufacture industrial alcohol. The company uses molasses, a by-product, as a raw material for the manufacture of industrial alcohol. 
The distillery commenced its operation in February 2005. In the year ending 31st March 2017 we generated revenue
of Rs. 3349.97 lacs through this business.
Our distillery can be used to produce rectified spirit and ethanol. Ethanol is one of the additives in petrol. The mixing of ethanol with petrol has been made mandatory in almost all states of India. The Government of India is keen to increase the mixing percentage from 5% to 10% and that too in all states of India. 
Utilization of molasses for the production of ethanol in India will not only provide value-addition to the byproduct, it can also ensure better price stability and price realization of molasses for the sugar mills. This will improve the viability of the sugar mills, which will in turn benefit cane growers. Dwarikesh has ambitious plans in this regard, not only as a growing area of business but also due to the 'green energy' that ethanol generates.