Dwarikesh Nagar is located in the periphery of Bundki village in the Bijnor district of Uttar Pradesh. This is an area with focused concentration on cane production on highly fertile and well-irrigated land (Bijnor is located merely 12 kms away from the banks of the river Ganga). 

DSIL started its operations at this place in 1995 with commissioning of its 2500 TCD (Tonnes of sugarcane crushed per day) sugar plant. Presently the plant has a capacity of 6500 TCD. Our registered office is in Dwarikesh Nagar. DSIL's Dwarikesh Nagar sugar manufacturing facility is spread over 86 acres of land at Bundki and is divided into a main sugar plant (41.6 acres), cane-receiving yard (12 acres), housing colonies and administrative block (16 acres) and road and green belt (16.4 acres). 

The company has modern housing colonies for the senior and middle level managers in which presently 200 families reside. The colonies, named Yamuna Vihar and Ganga Vihar respectively, consist of 7 houses of type B, 14 houses of type C, 18 houses of type D, 54 houses of type E, 52 houses of type F and 25 units of type H. Thirty five community dwellings and a large complex for security staff has also been constructed. 

Another important building at the complex is Narmada Devi Morarka Medical Centre, which is a fully functional medical facility meant for the company employees and villagers of the area. The company also runs RR Morarka Public School at Dwarikesh Nagar, where students are being imparted quality public school education. The school is affiliated by Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi.

A separate colony named by Saraswati Vihar has been constructed for the teaching staff of the school. The company has also built a club for its officers, and a temple complex.It's green all over


The company's manufacturing facilities use the latest automated machinery to handle high capacity under the most cost effective conditions. During the season 2016-17, we crushed 9.14 million quintals of sugar cane at the plant. DSIL has been among the best performers as far as capacity utilization and operational efficiency is concerned. The Dwarikesh Nagar plant has consistently been registering a high percentage of recovery. In the crushing season 2016-17, DSIL ended its season with the sugar recovery of 12.34% at its Dwarikesh Nagar plant.

For our Dwarikesh Nagar plant, sugarcane is purchased directly from approximately 33,000 farmers within our allocated or reserved areas. Reserved area is within 15 km radius of our mill and stands at 39,500 hectares of l lands. Apart from this, we are assigned additional area (called sugarcane area) for purchase of sugarcane, by the sugarcane commissioner on an annual basis. 

The plant site has been developed keeping in mind environmental and health related issues and the entire area is full of greenery. We have taken special care to keep it free of pollution and to preserve the wealth of nature. To keep the area clean and pollution free, the company has an effluent treatment plant in place with a capacity to treat 2600 M3/day of effluent. The quantity of effluents from existing sugar plant is in the range of 600 to 650 M3/day.

The unit had sold 27.87 million units during the last financial year 2016-2017 after banking of 16 lacs unit to meet out off season’s requirement. The unit had also generated Rs 296.63 Lacs from sale of REC (Renewable EnergyCertificate) in the year ending 31st March 2017.