The company has a 86 MW power plant running at Dwarikesh Nagar, Dwarikesh Puram and Dwarikesh Dham units. It uses 30 MW for captive consumption and is capable to sell the balance power to Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation (UPPCL). The company uses bagasse (solid residue after crushing of sugarcane), as raw material for the generation of power. 

The company has executed power purchase agreements with UPPCL for additional power, which the company expects to produce. In order to generate power, bagasse is burnt in boilers to generate steam. Steam generated through bagasse-fired-water-tube boiler is fed to turbines for generation of power and exhaust is used for sugar manufacturing process. 

Our power co-generation plant was commissioned in 1996 with an initial capacity of 6 MW. It was expanded to 9 MW in 2002 and was further increased to 17MW with exportable capacity of 8 MW. Company had set up 9 MW plant for its captive consumption at the time of setting up sugar plant in Dwarikesh puram. The company has commissioned 36 Mw power plant in Dwarikesh Dham (exportable power capacity of 24MW) and 24 MW co generation plant for exporting power in Dwarikesh Puram in December 2007. Thus as of now the total power capacity of DSIL is 86 MW. 

 DSIL's power co-gen plant exported surplus power of 1632.51 Lacs KWH to the UPPCL during the last financial year 2016-2017, which is our biggest consumer in this field. Further we had also banked 30 lakhs KWH with  UPPCL which will be returned to us during off season to meet out the requirement of plant repair, offices and colony.  The company is saving millions Rs which will otherwise be incurred in purchasing diesel for DG Set. Also the supply  of electricity by the UPPCL doesn’t have any negative effect on environment. In 2001, the company had signed a  power purchase agreement with UPPCL for 10 years which was extended for 20 years. 

The company has also generated Rs 890.54 Lacs towards sale of REC (Renewable Energy Certificate) in financial year 2016-17.

During the year 2016-2017, our earnings from this segment stood at Rs. 7952.02 lacs.