Quality thy name is dependability, durability and acceptability. The focus on quality is in all spheres. Beginning with the controls on the quality of inputs and extending to the activities performed to convert the input into output and concluding with the final output, focus is never lost. The stamp of outstanding quality is there on all the activities of the company. The process of quality control though painstaking is religiously followed. The initiation of the process to get ISO 9002 accreditation is an effort to instill virtues of good quality.
Management: The quality of management is of extremely high caliber and improvising and honing the skills of management is an ongoing exercise. The decision-making is encouraged at all levels as power and accountability together with authority and responsibility is delegated to the lowest levels of management. Fine-tuning of quality is practiced.
Maintenance: The maintenance work carried out is of high quality resulting in lasting and durable benefits and reduction in all round costs. This assumes great importance when the concerned plant employees hundreds of people and deals in heavy machinery.

Manufacturing: The process of manufacturing and the product manufactured conforms to the exalted International Standards. Owing to the better quality the sugar manufactured has established a niche market for itself. The process parameters and the flow is so designed and monitored in the most sophisticated laboratory that every granule of sugar passes through stringent quality international norms.