Dwarikesh Group


 Corporate dynamism, business ethics and professional excellence- that is the Dwarikesh's vision. It's our vision to develop our organisation such that all other constituents feel proud to be associated with us. It's our vision to grow not in isolation but together with the society at large. It's our vision to contribute meaningfully to our nation, to the society and the sugar sector from where we draw our strength. That is the Dwarikesh way of growth and progress. 

Dwarikesh's vision could be described by the following points: 

• To be a torchbearer of the sugar industry and re-write the rules of running the sugar business 

• To establish itself as a market leader in the sugar industry. To be an archetype of international quality standards 

• To become a large sugar conglomerate with interests in synergistic businesses 

• To ensure that the name of the company becomes synonymous with good corporate governance and transparency 

• To be a paragon of virtue and righteous corporate with a human face. 

• To contribute in bringing about a metamorphosis in the lives of the have-nots 


Dwarikesh Dwarikesh has its own unique way of moving ahead on its path to achieving its vision. It's the way that we have charted in order to:

• Produce sugar of the highest quality and be the benchmark for the industry to follow. 

• Achieve growth every year with optimum technical efficiency and minimum cost of production. 

• Ensure maximum customer satisfaction and employee/farmer welfare. 

• Protect the environment and uphold the highest standards of integrity, values, along with passion for excellence and respect for all, while striding towards achieving our objectives.